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  Do you have a pet that has had an injury or orthopaedic surgery?  Or an aging pet that is slowing down, perhaps having trouble with stairs?  If so Therapaws can help!
Whether for fun, fitness, pre- or post-operative exercise or to benefit long-term conditions, your dogs are welcome at Therapaws.  Swimming is excellent exercise because it involves the use of almost all of the muscles required for movement, without the concussive stresses of walking or running.  Also, because water resistance is greater than air resistance, the muscles have to work harder.

Our pool has a ramp for easy access.  The water is heated and filtrated for optimum comfort and physical benefit.  Our aim is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for you and your dogs, while they enjoy the numerous benefits of warm-water swimming.
Make no bones about it a regular dip does wonders for your dogs fitness and wellbeing. 

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